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ElectraStim Electra Paddle

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Discover a new way to explore your pleasure/pain boundaries with our first purpose-made electro spanking paddle. Mixing the delicious bite of metal contacts with a smooth leather finish, this spanker has two distinct textures for you to explore. Connect the bi-polar contacts to one of our stimulators for an intensified spank that feels different to everything you've tried before. Start by applying some of our electroconductive gel to the contacts, this ensures that sensation can be felt clearly. If you do not use a gel, you may not experience any sensation at all. Connect your stimulator to the paddle using either 1 or both 2mm inputs. The bi-polar design allows you to activate the top and bottom contacts or the central contact when used alongside another electro sex toy. Connect both inputs and all 3 contacts will conduct sensation. Try using ElectraPaddle with another electro sex toy to really push your boundaries. Erotic electrostimulation is known to bring people to a hands-free orgasm and it's especially effective for men using anal sex toys and electro cock rings! When you use our electro paddle alongside one of our sex toys you'll experience synchronised pleasure and pain. Each hit from the paddle causes biochemicals to rush through your nervous system, giving you a natural high as your body reacts to the painful sensations. Your most sensitive pleasure zones are simultaneously sitmulated by the sex toy, deepening your arousal. Use our ElectraPaddle with the ElectraStim Flick Stimulator to customise stimulation to match the intensity of your spanks. Flick will make stimulation feel softer when you spank with less force and will only reach maximum intensity when you are flicking harder. You can easily attach Flick to the handle of the spanker using an elastic band. Electrode Type Bi-polar for external stimulation - takes 2x 2mm pin connectors. 1x ElectraPaddle is included in each pack. You will need an ElectraStim stimulator to experience the described sensations. We recommend using an electroconductive gel. Dimensions 13.25 inches overall length. 9-inch paddle length. Materials Genuine leather with chromium plated steel contacts